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These graphics are made by me in PhotoImpact 8 or rendered in Bryce .
I used only free objects/meshes to make them. Some of them I made from scratch.
Wherever it was possible I used my own textures while rendering these objects.
I'm still in the process of  learning and just a newbie in
Bryce, so please be gentle...

You can find many free meshes, textures and materials in free sections of Renderocity, 3D Cafe and in other 3D links you find there. 


Click on the pictures to download the file








                         My Copyright explaination is simple:

My graphics are free to use for your personal use or on your personal web page.
 But you may not copy , reproduce or sell any of them  without permission from  the author (me).
 You may not place my graphics in any online collection/CD or claim them as your own.  Ask me first! If you have any question you can always reach me here:

Don't link direct to my pictures (bandwith problem!). Link instead to my web page, please!
Copyright  2000-2004,TeresaT