Hello everybody,
  Here you can find objects, shapes and presets for PhotoImpact.  I made them from free clipart CD's I own , free fonts, free Bryce meshes and some I made myself from scratch.

My files are mostly in *.ufo and *.psp format - you can open them without any difficulties in PhotoImpact7/8

 Soon I'm  going to open 3D folder with 3D meshes. They will be in *.dxf  format or *.br5 (Bryce file).

You are also very welcome to take a look at my GALLERIES.

My files are free but only for your personal use or on your personal web page. Please don't include them in any other collection, offer them to download or claim  them as your own.
If you find some problems or would like to suggest something , feel free to e-mail me.

     Have fun!
 Teresa from Sweden :)