Teresa's medicine presets -thay can make miracles to all your dull  shapes and text !!!

To make your own effects with these presets try to change border and depth in  PI's attribute toolbar.

 Click on the pictures to download the file

Have FUN !

Dr Woody


Dr EyeEye 

You can take a look HERE to see how some of my EyeEye presets work.

TIPS for "EyeEye" !

-You can get even more spectacular effects by changing the size or shape of these eyes with Transform tool or Dimentions (working in Path Mode).
-You can make this way wonderful fairy eyes,unbelievable animal eyes and ,of course, achieve truly  idiotic look....
-You can convert "your" eye at once from Path to Image so you can change the size, apply  different shade, colour or plugin  (you couldn't  do it in Path Mode..!)
- I included my very special miraculous eye-shape to try  these presets on. ( I called it sir Milos Venussi...)



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